Sunday, 10 March 2013

Birthday Sunday

Don't you just love when you get unexpected birthday presents? Well. Any presents :o)

I just found out that I have won You Sew Should's giveaway:
   You Sew Should...: Giveaway Winners!:

Yay. I won!
I just love the cuteness of Gemma's design.

I have been spoilt today by my wonderful partner and family and have also had a chance to do a little Sunday Project.

Organic silver ring design.

It's made with three little pieces of sterling wire. I balled up 5 of the ends with my torch and on the last I soldered on a little orchid flower that I have moulded out of metal clay and fired till it became solid fine silver.

The two pieces were actually meant to become stacking rings in their own right. Simple rounds with a single bud or ball, but I messed up with the torch and burnt through the wire. Turns out it was a happy accident, as I love the result better than the simple rings. It was very fiddly to solder the three pieces together and I had to proceed very carefully so as not to ruin this ring with my love of fire :oD
I love the organic look. I think I might do more variations of this one. Maybe a leaf instead of the orchid, or a gem or...

spring ring in sterling silver