Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How to put on and adjust a ribbon bracelet with toggle clasp

silk ribbon wrap yoga bracelets

I've been asked a few times how on earth to put one of these bracelets on if you haven't got an obliging mate to hand. There might be cleverer ways, but here is how I do it.
Apologies for the quality. I'm not really set up for nice videos. One for the list.

I find it fairly easy this way, but only if the bracelet is the correct length. It is really hard if it is slightly tight, so you also need to know how to adjust the ribbon:

Untie the end attached to the toggle bar - this is easiest  Then pull the ribbon shorter or longer as needed. Small increments recommended. If you prefer to hide the know it's a nice trick to move it down a whole wrist length so that it tucks under the last wrap.