Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Project - Soldering Sterling Rings

silver twist stacking rings, handmade

Practising my soldering

I'm back at my work desk after a lovely holiday in Cornwall. This weekend I wanted to try soldering. Still not very comfortable with it and the first attempts were rather messy, but these rings I am very happy with. I got some silver paste solder which seems to make the job a bit easier than messing with flux and solder chips separately.
When that bezel fell into place it made my day. I love stacking rings like these and the twisted wire just gives it a bit extra. I'd like to try and combine it with some silver clay focal charms too.
It's nice to have another method at my disposal - soldering means that I can add stud earrings to my range. That is, once I master adding the posts. It's a rather fiddly affair and one that some people on youtube make look like a piece of cake. It's not, I promise you.
For instance Andrew Berry. Wow. He knows what he's doing.

I'm falling in love with designing and making my own rings.