Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Project - From Ring to Pendant

Sterling silver pendant with fused ring and Chalcedony briolette

This Sunday I had an easy time. Just as well as I am now working full time+ on my game project and haven't got much time for my jewellery.

I like to give something back and support the other wonderful crafters and makers I see around me. It's a good excuse to buy stuff for me :oD
This week I got a gorgeous steampunky ring from Rebecca Kitching - a fellow jewellery maker in Sheffield. 
She makes some wonderful items by fusing pieces of silver. I must play with that sometime.
It didn't quite fit as I wanted it too and anyway it had such lovely detail that I wanted to show it off in it's entirety. I decided to make it into a pendant.
I have also just got some gorgeous Chalcedony in, so nothing was easier than adding a briolette and a random swirly bail, then oxidising everything to match. I love the result. It's gone from steampunk to organic, which is what happens when I touch stuff.

Last week I made earrings with the same opal green chalcedony, so I've grabbed myself a pair of those too. Jeweller's prerogative (I call it product testing).

The earrings are available in my Etsy shop if you should fancy.