Nells Dragon

Nell's Dragon by Nana Nielsen

Nell's Dragon is Nana Nielsen's début novel in the fantasy genre.

The book follows Sander, a lonely teenager from near-future Copenhagen struggling to find his place in life. He is befriended by a cat who turns out to be from another world. She is a dragon in exile, having fled from a duel in her own world, where drakes and dragons are fiercely competitive.
Sander is keen to explore other worlds and convinces her that they can resolve the situation she fled from and when they get into trouble with the Danish police, she agrees and leads him through a portal to her world.
There Sander discovers he has another identity with powers he never dreamt of.
But their attempt to fix the duel goes horribly wrong; Sander loses his newly found power and is hurled into a nightmare world of experiments and torture.
From there the hunt goes on to find his way back to his friend and restore his power. Along the way he discovers aspects of himself he never knew existed.

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"The book is meant as the first of a series of fantasy novels for adults and young people alike. It is my hope that people will fall in love with the world I have created and will want to come back. But as I myself hate waiting for the next instalment in a series, each of them will be able to stand alone, and can be read out of context of the others."