Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Project - Venturing further into unknown territory

After a few very busy weekends (ask me about Barbershop Conventions another day!) this one was all mine. I was able to get back to playing with new designs and the postman delivered my new micro torch. Is it silly to be over the moon over my very first hand-crafted balled eyepin?
Anyway, the torch means that I can anneal my copper which was desperately needed because it gets so hard after you handle it just a little, and the sheet that I ordered a month ago arrived to rock solid that I could only manage to make the faintest mark in it with my also newly acquired letter stamp set. I was so disappointed. 
But today I could cut a little piece out, file it thoroughly, anneal it with my new torch, pickle it, then stamp and bend and oxidise and polish to my hearts content.

This is my very first copper sheet ring. I was going to write 'Hello world' which is the first thing I always write when faced with a new programming language, but in the end I decided it would look better with just hello.
I love how I can just keep exploring this craft of mine and learn new things.

I also bought myself a pair of beautiful new earrings from Cinnamon Jewellery. I love them. Tracy is so talented. She has used patina ink on them and it looks amazing. I must investigate that too; after all painting is something I already now a bit about.

Copper earrings with patina ink from Cinnamon Jewellery