Saturday, 16 June 2012

Following up on Bronze Clay

This is an addition to my previous post on bronze and copper clay.
So I've read up a bit about the Creative Bronze, and frankly it sounds like a general problem that it comes out looking more like copper.
One girl, Sabine Alienor, had very good results firing the clay in carbon in her kiln, which indicates that it might be an oxidation problem.
Since I don't have a kiln (yet) I decided to try removing the top layer of one of my bronze pieces to see if the core looked any different. So I took a heavy grind wheel to it. After heavy polishing and the leaf being a lot lighter, it does indeed look more like bronze, but it still has more of a pink tinge than I would like. Plus grinding half the piece off isn't really a good solution.

I think I might have to cave in and get a kiln, because I do love the look of bronze. Anyone got one going cheap?