Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Electroforming Attempts

I wanted to expand my jewellery range, and was intrigued by the idea of electroforming.
After sealing an object like a seedpod, it can be coated in conductive paint and dipped in a specially prepared electrolyte. Copper is added as an anode and the pod is set up an the cathode and then a tiny current is run though the liquid. Particles from the copper source should then attach itself to the pod and give it a plating of copper/
I didn't expect it to go smoothly the first time, and that was just as well. There are so many variavbes to get right. The current applied depends on the temperature, the amount of surface area on the object. Too low and nothing happens, too high and you get striations and nodules all over.
Above is some of my first attempts. More problems are evident. The wire attached to the seedpod go embedded in the copper. The ring I had attached to the other I accidentally pulled off while dismantling the wire. The game tile never got an even coat, and none of them have the kind of shine that I was looking for.

Time to start keeping a very detailed log of the various attempts.
If anyone has any helpful suggestions, please do get in touch :oD