Friday, 8 August 2014

Nature? But they're all at it

As a jewellery designer amongst thousands I think we're all looking for some way to stand out. Marketing people are constantly urging us to tell our story and list our USPs (unique selling points).

Being fairly modest by nature and rather down to earth I struggle sometimes to see what is so brilliantly unique about my brand (still not comfortable with that word...)

I take a lot of my inspiration from nature - but looking around it seems like that is definitely nothing unique. So how do you stand out? Should I choose something more clever like rubber soles for inspiration or dirty linen?

There are many fantastically talented jewellers out there that take their inspiration from nature - and I think that is simply because nature is one of the most profound elements of many people's lives. Nature is a constant source of wonder, delight and peace. And fortunately it strikes a cord with a lot of jewellery buyers as well so it is a match made in heaven. :oD
I will stay by my inspiration as walking in woodland is one of my most favourite things in the world. I guess paired with my other inspirations - stories and myths - and my style of execution something unique comes out of the mix after all.

The Frog King - Loved drawing that expression on her face :o)

After so many art teachers having berated me for not finding my style - I am finally learning to just express what I myself like and let the style grow out of that - why didn't they tell me it could be that easy?