Monday, 27 August 2012

Fabulous Findings

Handmade copper headpin fish charm
My experimental fish headpin made of copper clay

Handmade Components for Jewellery Making

I have lately been admiring some extraordinary jewellery artists. I love blog hopping and I thought I'd take some time mentioning three that I found particularly inspiring.
They all three make wonderful eclectic jewellery, but have branched out into making handmade components to sell to other makers who want to make their own by choosing the specific parts for themselves.

One is Tracy Smith of Cinnamon Jewellery. She does amazing stuff embossing and enamelling copper. Her headpins and earwires are very popular.

Next is Kirsti Bowman. I love the way she fire colours her copper clay creations. She achieves some amazing rainbow effects.

And finally a recent discovery. Lesley Watt has a separate findings shop on Etsy and makes stunning components in bronze.

I've been drooling over Lesley and Kirsti's headpins but I really wanted to make my own.
It would be easy and much more efficient for my wallet if I made extras and offered them for sale. I wonder if they'll sell. 
I will try and for all you crafters out there I warmly recommend the three above shops for some of the loveliest findings on the market.

     artisan jewellery components - solid bronze headpins                            handmade headpins in solid bronze. Letters, monogram

Fastfire Bronzclay

Btw, this is my first try with BronzClay and I am loving it. Lovely and silky to work with. Quick drying, but no cracks at all in my first batch.
 I fired them at a slightly too high temperature, so a few of the charms above ended up with a few blisters, but I actually like the look. There is something about handmade bronze that makes it look like ancient relics discovered in the ground. Beautiful.